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What People Are Saying

  • “Val has the ability to engage the audience in a way that they are not expecting. For example, at a recent leadership conference, she led a wellness exercise group of over 200 participants to exercise. Val’s enthusiasm and obvious ability to lead such challenging groups was evident to the level that everyone was really engaged and actually had fun.”
    Ann Cashion, PhD. RN FANN
    Dean, University of Memphis Nursing School
  • “Want to get in sync? In step? In tune with your relationships, career and yourself? Val’s formula for getting your life in the swing of things is fun, easy and it works. Tap Dancing Through Life is a wonderful way to learn how to get your life on the right wavelength. I loved it!”
    Ann McIndoo
    Author, So You Want to Write?

Tap Dancing Through Life

  • The Book
    Tap Dancing through Life is designed to provide you a system by which to evaluate and improve your life. It begins by learning about rhythms and the effects of those rhythms on our lives. We are all creatures of habit and follow very particular rhythms. It is when those rhythms are out of balance that we feel stressed, frustrated and suffer illnesses. The metaphor of tap dancing is used because tap as a style of dance is based on changes in rhythms that result in alternating patterns.
    After learning about rhythms, you will take a journey into who you are through a critical examination of your values, desires and goals. You will learn how to create and evaluate your goals and actually write a road map for your life desires... Read More