Ann Cashion, PhD. RN FANN

“Val has the ability to engage the audience in a way that they are not expecting. For example, at a recent leadership conference, she led a wellness exercise group of over 200 participants to exercise. Val’s enthusiasm and obvious ability to lead such challenging groups was evident to the level that everyone was really engaged and actually had fun.”
  • Ann Cashion, PhD. RN FANN
  • Dean, University of Memphis Nursing School

Ann McIndoo

“Want to get in sync? In step? In tune with your relationships, career and yourself? Val’s formula for getting your life in the swing of things is fun, easy and it works. Tap Dancing Through Life is a wonderful way to learn how to get your life on the right wavelength. I loved it!”
  • Ann McIndoo
  • Author, So You Want to Write?

Carole La Fleur

“I have heard Val Speak numerous times on subjects ranging from leadership and management to emotional intelligence, shared governance and patient satisfactions. Her presentations are always persuasive, well structured, logical and easy to follow. She is knowledgeable, engages the audience, applies theories in practice and supports her presentations with references and research. She is dynamic and a very good teacher.”
  • Carole La Fleur
  • RN MSN, Administrative Director
  • Beaumont Hospitals

Dennis Squibb, Assistant Vice President

“Dr. Val is motivational, yet down-to-earth! She knows her material well, and presents in a practical and straightforward manner. Dr. Val has a very diverse background which added credibility to her presentation. She truly cares and believes health and fitness in the workplace creates positive results for the employee and the company.”
  • Dennis Squibb, Assistant Vice President
  • Foremost Insurance

Jerry Mansfield

“Dr. Val Gokenbach has a wonderful approach with any audience. She not only interactively engages the participant; she has an uncanny ability to motivate others to think more creatively that they ever thought possible.”
  • Jerry Mansfield
  • Administrator, Nursing Quality and Translational Research
  • Ohio State University Hospital

Jody Chrastek, MSN, RN, CHPN

“Val Gokenbach’s gift in speaking to large groups is truly unique. She is able to connect with the audience, open them up and engage them with humor yet stay professional and on track. She is just the sort of presenter one looks for when planning an important session.”
  • Jody Chrastek, MSN, RN, CHPN
  • Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
  • Pain and Palliative Care Director

Joyce Batcheller, RN, MSN, CNAA

“Val is a very articulate and engaging speaker. Her knowledge and passion in the work she does is very evident when she speaks. I really enjoy hearing what she has to say.”
  • Joyce Batcheller, RN, MSN, CNAA
  • Senior Vice President
  • Network Chief Nursing Officer

Julie Schwab

"Thank you very much for your interesting and inter-active presentation at this year's Farm Women Symposium. Each year one of the most requested topics involves health issues. Your presentation "Movement, Motion and Motivation" was a perfect fit. Many of us lead active lives, but really don't get the proper exercise on a daily basis. The information you shared and the chair exercises you taught us, showed us how we all can easily find the time to incorporate exercise into our lives each day. Thank you for being a part of our 2011 symposium and teaching us how to live a healthier life."
  • Julie Schwab
  • Farm Women's Symposium

Karen Johnson

“If you are lucky, once in your life you meet a truly giving person. That is a person who gives without ever a thought of receiving anything in return. Val is one of those special people who inspires.”
  • Karen Johnson
  • Finance Director, City of Grosse Pointe

Mary T. McFadden

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Val Gokenbach speak at Robert Wood Johnson Nurse Executive seminars. She is authentic, very inspiring and has a unique way of engaging the audience. Love her enthusiasm!!
  • Mary T. McFadden
  • Regional Director, Patient Care Services
  • Kaiser Permanente

Maryl Balgenorth

“Val Gokenbach has been a most welcome speaker for our organization at several events. Our audiences find that Val is a dynamic presenter who looks for ways to involve and motivate her audience. She consistently gets participants moving and interacts with them on a personal level.

While Val most often addresses our group on fitness and wellness topics, she has also presented incredible motivational talks as well. She is comfortable with a variety of groups and mediums. She is a dynamic speaker and leader in our fields. She also has the ability to make any topic an enjoyable experience.”

  • Maryl Balgenorth
  • Executive Director
  • Caring and Sharing, Rose Cancer Institute

Meg Jordan PhD, RN

“A legend in the fitness field, Dr. Val is a highly trained health professional with the combined expertise of a licensed RN and personal trainer. Her wonderful book sums up her many years of experience in motivating people from the very sick to those who simply need a little coaching. She can help you “tap” into countless ways to energize yourself so you’ll feel better, look younger and achieve your optimal rhythms. She’s got me tapping once again!”
  • Meg Jordan PhD, RN
  • Editor American Fitness Magazine and the host of Global Health Media

Seth Hampton

“When I was in school to become a certified physical fitness instructor, I was fortunate to be placed in the hands of Master Teacher, Trainer Val Gokenbach. Her many presentations during the extended program were of the most valuable source of information. She shared with us her medical background and deep understanding of the body, anatomy and movement along with dance mixed in with her very impressive human psychology and communication skills. It was everything I needed to prepare myself for a successful career in the tough Los Angeles market. Thank you Val!!!”
  • Seth Hampton
  • Dancer, Award Winning Performer

Tim Hulslander, Managing Director

“It has been my pleasure and privilege to have been able to work with Val Gokenbach. Val was the Omron Healthcare resident spokeswoman considered by millions of QVC viewers as their personal TV medical advisor. She has great on-air presence as well as an affinity for exciting, high quality and believable product presentations. As such, she also possesses a successful sales track record. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagements and look forward to working with her in the future on new projects.”
  • Tim Hulslander, Managing Director
  • BV Medical