Analyze Your Diet

  • This diet diary is a tool to help you get a clear picture of what you eat and when you eat it. Keep it for one week to give yourself insight into what you need to change.

Controlling Negative Thoughts

  • The first step to controlling destructive negative thoughts is to realize what you are saying to yourself. This tool will help you identify the type of negative self-talk you engage in.

Health Evaluation

  • In order to be healthy, we need to follow a holistic approach to making the right choices for ourselves. This tool will help you identify areas of focus to work on to improve the quality of your health.

Identification of Stress

  • One way to manage stress is to understand where the stress is coming from and why this is stressing you. This tool will help you analyze stressors to help you get to the core of controlling them.

Lessons from a 4-year Old

  • It has been said that all you need to know to be successful in life you learned in kindergarten. But there are other places to learn. As a doctor in leadership I observed several leadership lessons by watching my granddaughter play baseball. Enjoy.

Rhythm Identity Tool

  • We are all creatures of habit and live by adopting rhythmic patterns of behavior for ourselves. Some of these rhythms are good and some of these are not. This tool will help you identify your rhythms and give yourself insight into what may need to change.

Role Identity Tool

  • We all play many different roles in our lives, many times simultaneously which at times can create stress or conflict. Use this tool to see how many roles you play in your lives. You may be a parent, an employee or employer, student, friend, significant other or more.

Sleep Evaluation

  • This quick tool will give yourself insight into the quality of your sleep. If you answer yes to any of the questions you may have some opportunity to change in that category.

Values Analysis

  • Values are core to our behavior since they drive the decisions we make in our lives. This value analysis will help you identify your core values and help you understand why you make some of the decisions you do.

Writing Your Goals & Objectives

  • Intent is what drives us to achievement. In order to begin that movement you need to identify the intent which can be done in the form of goals which lead to the identification and achievement of objectives to reach your goals. Use this tool to help you organize your thoughts.